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What Digital Marketing programs does Blade provide?

Complete Services – Virtually all methods for being found on the internet and through social media. Programs are all individually crafted.

How is Blade Marketing Different?
Blade is different in several ways but especially with personal service – see How Blade is Different.

What is “Getting Listed”?
Getting listed on major search engines and directories is important to enable your company being found on the internet – see Get Found.

What is “Search Engine Optimization”?
Employing certain principles that will enable your business internet presence to be found easier on search engines like Google and Bing – see Get Found.

What is “social media marketing“?
Leveraging various social networks or platforms such as facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others to encourage intereaction with your prospective and existing customers.  Social media marketing is mostly content marketing but may also include a digital advertising component.

What is digital advertising?
Paying to be seen (impressions for ads) or clicked (foloowing a link to a web address) to encourage actions (calls, “likes”, visits to your premises, and ultimately sales for your products or services.

Why is “all internet marketing content marketing“?
The only way your target customers can find you on line is through the content that is found on the web. There are many ways to place content on the web such as videos, websites, landing pages, ads, blogs, social media posts. When done properly content drives people to your solutions and services.

Why is it important to know what is being said about your business on the internet?
If good things are being said you may want to thank those people and make sure more know about it. If negative things are being said you need to fix those perceptions since they can cause business loss.

Can I do digital marketing myself? Do It Yourself Marketing
In the same way one can build their own house one can do their own digital marketing. But do you have the time, skill (both marketing and technical savvy) to do the job as effectively as you could have a professional do it for you? Blade is unusual among marketing agencies because if you want to do it yourself we’ll help.

Does Blade do all work in house?
Blade provides strategy, direction and solutions that require a broad skill set to execute. Some efforts are done by Blade in house and Blade uses partners that are highly experienced in various disciplines to provide technical support in some elements of digital infrastrcuture and campaigns.

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