All marketing is content marketing!

Why Content Marketing? Why Social Media Marketing?

Content is the  “bait” to help you catch prospective customers, clients or patients

Google  algorithms have changed so that fresh content is essential to enhance rankings

Content is how your prospects engage  with your company through the buying process

Without appropriate content  at various buying stages some prospects will simply go away

Social Media marketing is mostly content marketing below but there can be digital advertising included on most Social Media.

  • Content Strategy Programs  Enabling you to create content to capture prospectsContent Strategy

Develop content for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, website , books, etc. –

60 minute session provides 6+ months of content ideas

Custom sessions can be designed after initial session

Train your employees to post content on your platforms


  • Content Creation Programs Custom content delivered to your format of choice

Social Media Marketing Content Services

  • Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, LinkedIn  and more page creation
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media posting by the month or number of postsfacebook posting, twitter marketing
  • Tools to share social media content

Presentations, and  Slideshows

Video – Simple to High Budget

Blog posting , Case studies, Whitepaper authorship

Repurposing existing  content in new formats – Infographics, e-books, slide shows

Eight questions to consider as you design, create, and distribute your content:

  1. Which content assets work best for you at early, mid and late stages of your buying cycle?
  2. Where do your best prospects look for information about your products/services?
  3. What content assets do you already have that may be repurposed?Stories
  4. Which assets bring in qualified leads?
  5. Which assets work best in nurturing?
  6. What are your top 3 success stories?
  7. What topics generate engagement?
  8. How much content do you have?

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