Local Marketing ServicesGoogle Adwords Qualified, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing

Getting Found

  • Websites and Mobile Websites
  • Search Engine and Directory Listings
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video SEO

Digital Advertising

  • Pay per click on Search Engines and Facebook
  • Banner Ads – Intentional
  • Complete Internet Campaigns

Leverage the Web

Marketing Consulting – General and program review

  • Sales Target Development
  • List Creation
  • Promotional Items

Businesses and Professional Practices Benefit if You:

Need a website: 87% of people who buy or choose a local service researched on the internet before buying.

Have a website and want it to be found:A website is a sign on the internet highwaydo you want it on a side street alley or the MA Pike?

Need a mobile website: Over 60% of local searches are done on mobile devices!

Need a social media presence or enhance what’s in place:84% of businesses with social media have made a sale as a result – some customers or patients just won’t buy from businesses without a social media presence.

Need content for internet marketing. All internet marketing is driven by content – the “bait” for landing customers from the internet.

Want to get calls from people who use the internet. Campaign marketing to make a businesses’ phone ring.

Want to build loyalty with existing clients, customers or patients. “A bird in the hand…”

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