• Personal on site help.Digital Marketing Expert provides Blade Marketing Difference

     – Business leaders get calls all week from digital marketing companies who want to get you started with their program over the phone. Blade wants to see your business in action and make a face to face connection with you to understand the nuances of what your business needs and goals are so you can get the right program at the right investment for you. Frank or a member of the team will provide regular follow up to make sure your programs stay on track and keep improving. Frank is always available to support any person on the team. This is a big Blade Marketing Difference.

  • Digital and traditional marketing services – custom made for your business.

– With over 20 years experience with a broad range of marketing solutions you can feel confident that Blade will work to find the solution that fits your needs not one company’s specific service or product offering. Blade will help if you only need the most basic internet solution and more focus on traditional marketing and sales targeting efforts. There is no doubt that digital marketing in some form is essential in today’s world of commerce for almost every company or professional practice.

  • Digital Content your business or practice will own.                                                                     

– One approach used by many large companies today is to provide services like building a landing page or website that you don’t own. They insist you keep paying substantial monthly fees if you want to maintain that website and content. If you stop paying on a monthly basis then you lose everything. Blade offers programs where you buy and keep your digital content and capital developments. Of course, there are some advertising campaigns like pay per click advertising where you buy an ad or campaign that is used up each month. There are marketing solutions that require maintenance yearly or monthly as well. The Blade Marketing Difference is that we make it clear what components of your program work each way.

  • Short term commitments is a Blade Marketing Difference.

    – Many companies will offer programs to businesses that require 6 month or 12 month commitments. Blade offers programs that are paid on a month to month basis. Payment programs can be used to allow for capital improvements to your digital marketing infrastructure to be paid over a longer period in many cases.

  • Results based programs.                                                                                                 

    – Each program, sales or marketing solution that Blade provides has a way for meaningful metrics to be collected. You will be able to see what your results are and decide with Blade’s consultation how you would like to proceed with enhancements, changes or simply stopping a program that has run its course.  Constantly work to find your best solution is a Blade Marketing difference.

  • Do-It-Yourself marketing consulting.

– Blade is happy to provide consulting to help you do marketing yourself. Sometimes all you need is a setup or just the idea of how to do some basic program.  Perhaps you need a content marketing strategy session and a pile of ideas to help you generate the content needed to keep engaged with your customers and clients. Frank or anyone from the team doesn’t mind saying, “You don’t need me to help with your marketing anymore!”

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