Video marketing captures attention and drives calls to action

Many styles of video marketing can be employed for a variety of efforts and effects.

Attention Grabbing

Simple, especially funny videos can direct one to your page, message or brand.


Presentations with text and animation are experienced as videos and lower cost to produce.

“How To” and Comparison videos are among the most watched on the internet.

For professionals like attorneys and consultants videos can give prospective clients assurance that it’s worth a first meeting.

Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are ways to elevate new or existing videos from the images section of the search engine to the main results.

This is one of the last clean ways to quickly enhance an organic listing.

YouTube Channel Setup

Essential for Video SEO and a great way to store all of your videos in addition to having them on your website.

Blade Makes it Easy for You to Employ Video to Build Your BusinessYouTube set up

As part of the analysis of your current marketing programs we will uncover how you may be able to take advantage of video in your marketing efforts.  Examples of video marketing for your consideration:

  • Do you have videos that simply need to be optimized for SEO?
  • Do your videos need to be edited to make them more appealing and up to date?
  • Do you carry product lines that have videos you can use with your marketing programs?
  • If you have no video we can address what fits the style and goals of your business.

The most important thing with video marketing is to establish your goals and style. After that has been done we can offer suggestions on approaches. Blade offers a full range of video services.  Editing may repurpose existing videos to make them more powerful.  Even a low cost slide show from still photos is experienced as video and can be search engine optimized.  For certain businesses the right solution may be complete professional on site shoots.  A video marketing solution that will work for your business must fit your goals, style and budget.


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