What Blade Marketing Clients Say, Testimonials

Thank you Frank for the great work on the website for our two stores! As a family business we had no website partially because we seemed to get two different proposals. One was for very expensive custom sites and the other was for low cost generic websites. We just didn’t need anything super fancy so the first approach was out of the question. The generic websites from the big impersonal companies didn’t appeal to us either. While they offered a fairly low cost per month they maintained ownership so it was like renting a website. My husband was an accountant before we bought the store so he did the math and felt that over time these “low cost rental websites” would end up costing us a lot of money.

Your “do-it-yourself marketing” concept appealed to us because we’d own the site in much less than one year’s cost of a generic rental site. Even better was that you provided a custom site with great pictures and suggestions for the content. You have been so helpful and responsive with the effort and, as you said, you turned it over to us so that we truly own it without any monthly recurring charge. The site looks great on smart phones and tablets too!

Thank you too for the time you spent showing me how to add and remove specials, pictures and the like. You not only provided the support we needed but also inspired confidence that we could update the site when necessary. I feel I have a handle on it going forward but know I can count on you to provide further support on an as-needed basis.

You were a pleasure to work with on this website project and there may be a need at some point for other services you provide. I’ll be happy to serve as a reference for other people who may have website projects and tell others about your services if they ask about marketing.

Please don’t hesitate to provide our names and contact information to prospective clients and we look forward to staying in touch.

– Retail Stores OwnerCoach&CarriageClick

Dear Frank,  this note is to thank you and provide a strong positive reference for your work at Blade Marketing on our internet marketing setup. When we bought our hotel you created a beautiful website, set up our Facebook page and other social media pages as well as getting us listed on all the search engines and other internet directories. When we were ready you transferred all we needed to maintain these programs ourselves. You provided great value for these services.

During the process you impressed me most by your sincere caring for our success and how you were able to give us what we wanted with a surprisingly small amount of time on our part to define and monitor the programs. Whenever we asked for something you were extremely responsive. Hopefully there will be other projects we can do with you.

-Hotel Owner

“I have known Frank for many years and saw him in a volunteer role that demonstrated professionalism and leadership in the past. Recently I saw Frank in a purely business role as a Digital Media Consultant. He provided the Carroll Center for the Blind with a highly custom solution that has paid great dividends in enhancing our social media presence and web hits. I highly recommend Frank in general as a client focused consultant and specifically for providing marketing solutions. He demonstrated a knack for asking the questions that uncovered our needs and goals. Then he focused on providing the right solution and carefully monitored the process and progress well after the sale was made”

Non-profit School President

“Enjoyed working on a project with Frank and would recommend him for his thoughtful questions and suggestions that helped us create a new approach to get our thought leadership for helping Channel Sales expressed in a webinar. The creative and consultative approach used is one of the main reasons we plan to use his company again.”

B2B Software Marketer

“Frank contacted me to do a multimedia content project and his suggestions helped us try a new approach. Frank is very service-oriented and responsive. I appreciated having him work with us every step of the way!”GoogleCert

Marketing Professional for Consulting Corporation

“I would highly recommend Frank for the work he did with helping me get two campaigns started. He did a great job of helping me define my targets and work with me to enhance the message of our value proposition. Frank was both responsive and thoughtful to addressing my company’s needs. Frank is all about helping his clients succeed as he offered sales suggestions for me in the field in addition to their basic services. I feel he had my interests in mind, for example, when I had more than I could handle from other activities and the leads Frank made sure I received a prompt refund just as he’d promised to do so “for any reason.” I recommend Frank for his ability to focus his sales efforts on finding solutions to my company’s needs.”

 President of HR and Training Company

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