Your business will benefit from a needs assessment!

Understanding your business or practice goals, strengths and ideal target prospects is essential.  LogoTall2

There are so many options in marketing. Blade Marketing understands how to employ a wide variety of tools, services and programs to benefit your company.  Because Blade has worked with a broad range of companies over the years we have a questioning process that helps get your business on the track that is best for you and your budget.

The process reflects changes for each type of business or industry.  Knowing the language of your customers, patients and prospects is a basic element of the program. Defining your ideal prospect is also part of the needs assessment.  Understanding your current marketing programs and your current marketing footprint or presence is another part.  The needs assessment is usually a portion of the first complimentary consultation.

This assessment can be expanded quite a bit based on specific issues and goals your business or practice may have.  For example, a retail gift store may have a pretty clear customer profile but a software solutions service may have a much more complex type of ideal customer. For the  gift store the initial consultation and needs assessment may be adequate.  For the software supplier it may take several sessions to achieve the same level of understanding for a number of reasons.

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