Are your marketing efforts increasing your business?

How Blade is different

Blade Marketing was started to provide personal, professional services to enable you to grow your business with digital and traditional sales and marketing programs and consulting. The idea is to create an approach that fits with your business or professional practice’s needs, budgets and goals.  A foundation of understanding of current status, goals and context within your industry and competition is the only way to correctly enable the right program.

Very few people ever go to the Yellow Pages phone book or similar directories when it’s so easy to just check on line with Google, Yahoo or Bing. There are some consumers who will not buy from a company that has no social media presence.

Are you leveraging the internet to get the attention your business must have today?

There are many marketing services from which to choose but the most important part is the personal conversation to uncover what fits. Blade will analyze your current marketing presence. This includes understanding your traditional and digital marketing presence.

Once you know what your total marketing presence is you can explore the next steps that similar businesses have found are best practices. Depending how far your marketing is down the Mobile Marketingpath Blade will offer suggestions. For example, if you don’t have a good sign on your physical building that may the first thing to address.  Your website is your sign on the internet highway, does that cast a positive light on your business no matter whether it is being viewed on a Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone?

Most businesses have done a lot of good things to create a marketing foundation and once your traditional, internet and social media marketing presence is assessed Blade will craft two or three marketing programs for you to consider. Blade will provide a professional solution to augment your current traditional and digital marketing efforts once the right strategy and design for your business has been chosen.

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